Welcome to my USloft channel, as a proud member of HermitCraft, founder of FoolCraft and member of the MSI Gaming Team, I enjoy playing videeeo games!

MSI Iskallium CUBE
Intel i7-8700k
MSI Gaming Pro Carbon Z370
Mouse: Steel Series Rival 700 (400 dpi)
Keys: Steel Series Apex Gaming Keyboard (non-mech)

Microphone: Blue Yeti
Recording Software: Playclaw
Editing: Vegas

  1. James Wallman

    James Wallman5 hours ago

    iskall do quick maths. 4:57

  2. Zach Flaherty

    Zach Flaherty5 hours ago

    In youtube and he said please don't tell is called up i'm using diorite

  3. Zach Flaherty

    Zach Flaherty5 hours ago

    Fiscal someone's using diorite in a base

  4. Taze-_-zeinth

    Taze-_-zeinth5 hours ago

    ......... come in .. is someone there.......

  5. that_loud_veccy

    that_loud_veccy8 hours ago

    The zombie won't stay on the lantern in bedrock edition ... can anybody help ?

  6. Andrew Sears

    Andrew Sears9 hours ago

    Iskall: I know a big brain person. And I am of course talking about my friend ... Me: Mumbo Jumbo Iskall: Iskall MAN

  7. Jen

    Jen10 hours ago the security camera bit at the beginning, made my day🤣

  8. desertrose0601

    desertrose060112 hours ago

    So you’re just not going to contribute to the HCBBS swap at all?? Quit being such a spoilsport. You’re taking advantage of someone else improving your base and you’re not even attempting to improve his base. 🤬

  9. LoisGamez _

    LoisGamez _13 hours ago

    Iskall-pesky bi- oh wait 🤣

  10. itamar kahan

    itamar kahan13 hours ago

    i am watching this 5 years after it was made, this is giving me so much nastalga

  11. ShadowMage3D

    ShadowMage3D13 hours ago

    I realize that Hermitcraft is a vanilla server, but there are QOL and lag-reducing mods that could help you so much. Like "Clumps" which causes xp orbs to clump up, thus reducing lag from farms. You don't have to have anything that changes core mechanics. I can't even imagine playing without a mini-map anymore.

  12. NotASpyReally

    NotASpyReally14 hours ago

    This is as good a time as any for starting to watch your other Hermitcraft seasons :D

  13. Hampus Öhman

    Hampus Öhman15 hours ago

    Mumbo: I’ll be back don’t worry. Me: Yeah, back for the profits.

  14. LoisGamez _

    LoisGamez _15 hours ago

    Is anyone gonna notice the end is covered in water 😂

  15. Michael McArthur

    Michael McArthur16 hours ago

    The base of the higher branches need to be raised above the bases of the heavy branches.

  16. SG• Srini

    SG• Srini20 hours ago

    iskall took the pixel trees to another level

  17. Max is here

    Max is here22 hours ago

    Idk what mumbo had in mind, but this HCBBS turns out great for polishing up bases

  18. Malte Pollas

    Malte Pollas23 hours ago

    Iskall: "believe me it's gonna be worth it" Also Iskall: *never does anything with it*

  19. OracleOfCourage

    OracleOfCourageDay ago

    All jokes aside, that intro shot was actually really cool!

  20. Ola Mugnier

    Ola MugnierDay ago

    When’s the next ep

  21. Poseidon Fan

    Poseidon FanDay ago

    If you use it twice you become more spooky(ed)

  22. O.P.nessMax

    O.P.nessMaxDay ago


  23. IronyIsGood

    IronyIsGoodDay ago

    If he asks about it, just say it's growing.

  24. Kairo Renneberg

    Kairo RennebergDay ago

    wow this was 2 years ago

  25. Ashley Chesed

    Ashley ChesedDay ago

    I love how he only uses gold blocks for Redstone now 😂

  26. Variant Mouse

    Variant MouseDay ago

    "bottom layer" in other words, this isn'T EVEN IT'S FINAL FORM!!!

  27. Xerxes Jörgensen

    Xerxes JörgensenDay ago


  28. Ashley Chesed

    Ashley ChesedDay ago

    Who else was waiting to see if he would sing a his outro as one of the hermit challenges

  29. Tech night x

    Tech night xDay ago

    um you do know that it was there from like epasode 30 on scar chanelle

  30. ShadowMage3D

    ShadowMage3DDay ago

    21:30 At least you're not one of those weird people that do it this way: 10'000 Though that would have been a great way to troll your audience.

  31. BigU1033

    BigU1033Day ago

    Sure hope sitting on that swing doesn’t break that branch...

  32. John Cryan

    John CryanDay ago


  33. Lucca Phillips-Roberts

    Lucca Phillips-RobertsDay ago

    Please. You need to get the Sahara bois back together.

  34. S4lt Wind

    S4lt WindDay ago

    Etho smells like beef and will fart 🌈

  35. TheGreatHedgehog

    TheGreatHedgehogDay ago

    the piglins have "moved out"

  36. Volt Siano

    Volt SianoDay ago

    21:50 Speech 100

  37. Matthew Wong

    Matthew WongDay ago


  38. SIN TAS

    SIN TASDay ago

    Tommy’s head be sus

  39. LollipopsYummy

    LollipopsYummyDay ago

    Unless we make really adequate presents... Iskall. They’re not even adequate. 😂

  40. Eric Belander

    Eric BelanderDay ago

    Technically grian didn't beat him in actual pvp. If it was fair and jevin hadn't told his subscribers, iskall would have crushed Grian. I know I'm late.

  41. Snazzy Mayo

    Snazzy MayoDay ago

    14:10 mining grass again

  42. Snazzy Mayo

    Snazzy MayoDay ago

    Iskall :there isn’t much room Me: that’s the biggest tree ever

  43. KJAllen08

    KJAllen08Day ago

    You could of used the monstrosity and instead of using saplings you could of used warped fungus to get the warped stem

  44. James Luna

    James LunaDay ago

    Beefskall MaN 😆

  45. Noah Kosman

    Noah Kosman2 days ago

    17:55 the licc lol

  46. Amy73 lulu

    Amy73 lulu2 days ago

    Beefskall, Iskallman, Iskall, Stickskallman

  47. Reuben Harvey

    Reuben Harvey2 days ago

    No ones talking bout the 1.2 million redstone

  48. Kallon Phelps

    Kallon Phelps2 days ago


  49. Marcus Rossi

    Marcus Rossi2 days ago

    I don't understand how the slime mob farm works so well I didn't everything the same with two slime chunks over 24 blocks away but within 128 and lit up caves but in an hour I got 12 slime

  50. Logan Kotter

    Logan Kotter2 days ago

    Omega Caterpillar pillars of doom?

  51. wazzarian

    wazzarian2 days ago

    "You're the Gray Fox! You're under arrest for… for… for all kinds of stuff! You're wanted dead or alive. I'm choosing dead."

  52. My_Chanel

    My_Chanel2 days ago

    your golden iskall