HermitCraft 7: 35 | NEW MEGA GOLD FARM

HermitCraft 7: 35 | NEW MEGA GOLD FARM
Minecraft 1.16 is here for real and GOLD has become very valuable. Iskall takes to action and builds a new Minecraft 1.16 Gold Farm above the nether, and it is QUICK, VERY VERY QUICK.
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  1. Prince Leigh

    Prince Leigh2 days ago

    Does anyone know why he keeps saying *hello*? It's quite triggering (annoying)?! 😠😡🤬

  2. Mitchel

    Mitchel11 days ago

    the beginning was totally a 2000s sitcom

  3. Josiah Sanchez

    Josiah Sanchez17 days ago

    Is his variation of the farm smaller? Otherwise with larger layers, and less total layers?

  4. Xardan Gaming

    Xardan Gaming18 days ago

    Iskall: I never have to mine gravel again! ME just sat there burning gravel cuz it's annoying and ugly 🙄

  5. Conner Roth

    Conner RothMonth ago

    How long did the spawn proofing take?

  6. Riley Doherty

    Riley DohertyMonth ago


  7. Zeus Cronoson

    Zeus Cronoson2 months ago

    they are named piglins !!! xd

  8. GJVV RG

    GJVV RG2 months ago

    hello am a new fan

  9. ethanbishop702gmailcom no

    ethanbishop702gmailcom no2 months ago

    Iskall: Complains about not having gold. Also Iskall: burns a gold helmet. Me: *insert bruhhhhhhhhh sound effect 2,000,000,000,000,000,000

  10. Jeraldo Aurique

    Jeraldo Aurique2 months ago

    Hahahaha omega farm of doooooooooooom

  11. Dream's Step Sis

    Dream's Step Sis2 months ago

    just me or did the screen break

  12. Arran Simmons

    Arran Simmons2 months ago

    Does the old farm still work?

  13. Angela Lybbert

    Angela Lybbert3 months ago

    Iskall: Whats that word Mumbo uses? Me: Chuffed to bits?

  14. Gabriel Wood

    Gabriel Wood3 months ago

    Nobody: Iskall: Calls piglins "hoglins"

  15. SirMendoza2020

    SirMendoza20203 months ago

    Iskall: Imma build an OMEGA gold farm Me: Dont say it Iskall: Of Doom Me: NNNNNNOOOOOOOO

  16. Christian Builds

    Christian Builds3 months ago

    As soon as you mentioned your twitch I downloaded it followed you

  17. River

    River3 months ago

    Binge watching hermitcraft is the best thing ever

  18. Berthil van der Vos

    Berthil van der Vos4 months ago

    15:20 AutoClicker: are you kidding me?

  19. Sanctus Agenda

    Sanctus Agenda4 months ago

    how far away do you need to afk?

  20. Daniel Abraham

    Daniel Abraham4 months ago

    I kept getting triggered everytime he said hoglin ITS PIGLIN

  21. Justin Rosario

    Justin Rosario4 months ago

    Let’s not forget that those turtles are still trapped lol

  22. Ferris090

    Ferris0904 months ago

    Godlin: How did u die? Piglin: i died because of a turtle egg

  23. Veaponsguy

    Veaponsguy5 months ago

    How far off bedrock is the design?

  24. KlydeNv

    KlydeNv5 months ago

    Iskall names his video new mega gold farm Everyone : Something wrong i can feel it

  25. TreanClean

    TreanClean5 months ago

    Me pasan la linematica o el tutorial?

  26. Hugh Corn Wallace

    Hugh Corn Wallace5 months ago

    at 13:23 why does he say you need frostwalker

  27. TheoIsOk

    TheoIsOk5 months ago

    WellDone... You Figured it Out *CLAP CLAP*

  28. Hugh Corn Wallace

    Hugh Corn Wallace5 months ago

    Oh nvm apparently it negates magma block damage

  29. JoAnna Morris

    JoAnna Morris6 months ago

    4:31 *did that happen to anybody else-*

  30. Myasia Pareno

    Myasia Pareno6 months ago


  31. thepetemcgeet

    thepetemcgeet6 months ago

    He had no idea that the soul lanterns scare the piglins

  32. Rachel Johnson

    Rachel Johnson6 months ago

    It’s so annoying that he calls piglins hoglins! Like if you agree

  33. Charlie Livingstone

    Charlie Livingstone6 months ago

    And did u no that jumping on soul soil or sand with soul speed is slower

  34. Hazmatazz800 Minecraft

    Hazmatazz800 Minecraft6 months ago

    If you don’t notice that the tree looks a bit like a villager at 2:12 you would think that he was going mad

  35. Henry Seaberg

    Henry Seaberg6 months ago

    Iskall: we need to light up under the nether to maximize the the gold Me and my best friend: WHY WON'T THIS STUPID COW FARM WORK

  36. Ana Ana

    Ana Ana6 months ago

    so feel like mumbo is insanely good at bargaining with prices

  37. Sappy Playz

    Sappy Playz6 months ago

    iskall in episode 34,say sorry to the pigmen due to laughing at them. iskall in episode 35, kills pigmen for gold

  38. Argon

    Argon7 months ago

    Iskall: Builds a new gold farm because he is running out of gold Also Iskall: Uses gold blocks for his redstone

  39. deadreign92

    deadreign927 months ago

    Can iskall or anyone else run me through briefly how that item sorter works? I see the ice path and slime punch circuit to push them but idk how those hoppers are catching stuff that is scooting across the ice blocks?? My build just shoots everything into the lava trash at the end of the path

  40. Sam

    Sam7 months ago

    Dont tell iskall netherite swords have 14 attack damage in bedrock edition

  41. Brant Churchill

    Brant Churchill7 months ago

    Still not sure why didn’t save magma blocks from old farm

  42. Lion lord YT

    Lion lord YT7 months ago

    Can some one tell me what the glass is for

  43. Lion lord YT

    Lion lord YT7 months ago


  44. Adil Aden

    Adil Aden7 months ago

    why doesnt he wear a cap

  45. Ramina Stone

    Ramina Stone7 months ago

    Above Iskall’s chair: Olive What I see: *Sam the septic eye*

  46. meet

    meet7 months ago

    Not mega gold farm omega gold farm.

  47. Griffin Erin

    Griffin Erin7 months ago


  48. Some EPICness guy with a 1209

    Some EPICness guy with a 12097 months ago

    iskall, simp?

  49. Christopher Sweet

    Christopher Sweet7 months ago

    Does anyone else notice that his chair keeps getting bigger?

  50. disdudeispro

    disdudeispro7 months ago

    Lol that's funny dumb zombie piggys

  51. Logan Berns

    Logan Berns7 months ago

    iskall: i'm rinning low on gold 5 minutes later: uses gold blocks to build

  52. William Langdon

    William Langdon7 months ago

    14:42 chickens?

  53. Bubbles_

    Bubbles_7 months ago

    Mumbo: flexes on netherite leggings. Iskall: flexes with soul speed e

  54. sujitha

    sujitha7 months ago

    OMG when I paused my video it was 1:16 lol

  55. Bri Cardinal

    Bri Cardinal7 months ago

    “I promise I won’t take more diamonds from my pile” lol you thought

  56. R3troDash

    R3troDash7 months ago


  57. [insert name here]

    [insert name here]7 months ago

    1:23 WHAT IS THIS WIZARDY??????

  58. LCB nature

    LCB nature7 months ago

    You know at 1:48 look at the back round notice anything lol xd he flu right past them lol

  59. Mike

    Mike7 months ago


  60. Muntasir Balbale

    Muntasir Balbale7 months ago

    Pls can someone tell me where can i find a block by block tutorial for the gold farm which iskall builr

  61. flop snail

    flop snail8 months ago

    13:30 how does frost walker help with magma blocks?

  62. Karen took the Kids

    Karen took the Kids8 months ago

    Why don’t you talk about the netherite Ingots they trade?

  63. XlogicLive

    XlogicLive8 months ago

    Iskall you can use a auto clicker for xp

  64. e l e a n o r s

    e l e a n o r s8 months ago

    im sorry, i had to dislike to get 669, i've won, but at what cost-

  65. Florian Abel

    Florian Abel8 months ago


  66. Best Yavo

    Best Yavo8 months ago

    has anyone suggested a shield when mining with beds? 0 damage unless you're on a block that starts on fire

  67. Ian Layman

    Ian Layman8 months ago

    Is nobody gonna mention his boots were named “socks”

  68. Rayyan Iskandar Azizul Azmi

    Rayyan Iskandar Azizul Azmi8 months ago


  69. Kiriito-Sama

    Kiriito-Sama8 months ago

    Lots happend in this video, it's really cool and it made me sad, I play on a server with some friends and they added a functionnality to the smithing table, basically, when you right click on it it tells you that if you want a netherite chestplate you'll need 32 ancient debris AND gold ingots which is really long, they also removed the explosion damages in the nether which is good and bad, good because of the ghasts when you need to farm quartz or idk, but bad because it takes more time to farm netherite

  70. Densema

    Densema8 months ago

    "Bonkers" xD

  71. Angel Dust

    Angel Dust8 months ago

    Petition for mojang to switch piglin and hoglin names for iskall Like to sign

  72. shadowsoup plays

    shadowsoup plays8 months ago


  73. Zack Kaplan

    Zack Kaplan8 months ago

    At 1:51 he says 2 ancient debre but to the right there’s 1 nore

  74. Mikkel Olesen

    Mikkel Olesen8 months ago

    Iskall the smithing table is not actually needed, tit Can just use a craftting table

  75. Wesley Hart

    Wesley Hart8 months ago

    Piglins not hoglins

  76. SenpaiJakeFN

    SenpaiJakeFN8 months ago

    Iskall your the GOAT, but dont tell Doc LOL

  77. Liam Ericson

    Liam Ericson8 months ago

    Is he swedish

  78. To CaFaca

    To CaFaca8 months ago

    Forever Player makes this farm, its so good!!

  79. Triple United

    Triple United8 months ago

    he finally said Mojang, not moyang

  80. Charlie Marshall

    Charlie Marshall8 months ago

    every time he said "hoglins" instead of piglins...

  81. Georg Bro

    Georg Bro8 months ago

    Can you show how to make the pickup system also insta craft with shift click

  82. Stick Fight Anime

    Stick Fight Anime8 months ago

    Hi Nice youtube video loved it

  83. Sacchit Bera

    Sacchit Bera8 months ago

    Great Lord Miner will bless you if you do a tutorial.

  84. ChiefChipmunk 01

    ChiefChipmunk 018 months ago

    I love it when he slowly evolves the chair while speaking🤣

  85. Valeriia

    Valeriia8 months ago

    Hoglins are the large pigs with very long tusks who walk on 4 legs, piglins are the walking on two legs creatures who give you items in exchange for gold, zombified-piglins are the half piglin/skeleton, and zombified-hoglins are the half hoglin/skeleton. they turn half skeleton when they appear in the overworld. Just Saying-

  86. Milkyboy 204

    Milkyboy 2048 months ago


  87. Elisha Verbraak

    Elisha Verbraak8 months ago

    That sound when he mined all of those magma blockes is so satisfying😍

  88. milgeomar

    milgeomar9 months ago

    More iskall calling things bonkers please :))

  89. Ludwig Naversten

    Ludwig Naversten9 months ago

    Iskall var det meningen att säga nej typ 4 minuter in

  90. Jenee Bild

    Jenee Bild9 months ago

    ah luv da waee magmag creme look lik

  91. Evan Mauzy

    Evan Mauzy9 months ago

    anyone see how big of a simp iskall is

  92. LouisVSourD

    LouisVSourD9 months ago

    You actually dont get a speed boost on soul soul, only soul sand. Visually it looks like you do, but you dont actually same anytime :)

  93. Scar

    Scar9 months ago

    What’s the purpose of the grindstones

  94. Marc-André Blais

    Marc-André Blais9 months ago

    i built this exact same farm and for some reason my rates are no where near as fast as yours even when i afk at the top. Im playing on a spigot server, could this have to do with anything? also i am alone on the server when i afk.

  95. Pugattv

    Pugattv9 months ago

    Did Iskall only make 11 platforms on this farm?

  96. Ironfox

    Ironfox9 months ago

    piglins are scared of soul fire rel ated things and zombie piglins

  97. IDK

    IDK9 months ago

    Technically you can actually afk by just putting something on your mouse so it constantly attacks. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

  98. Timo YT

    Timo YT9 months ago

    A cleric can trade rotten flesh for emeralds btw :)

  99. Chuck Hoag

    Chuck Hoag9 months ago

    I feel like it is not only me who wonders why you need so much gold?

  100. Brody Cloud

    Brody Cloud9 months ago

    They are piglins

  101. mackex5x5

    mackex5x59 months ago

    3:54 *NEJ*

  102. Faiz Sufrikhan

    Faiz Sufrikhan9 months ago

    So I made a mini version of this with only 3 layers... I haven't made the collection mechanism yet but I noticed that they dont drop anything when they hit the bedrock ceiling... should I be worried?

  103. HJack321

    HJack3219 months ago


  104. Life with Laura

    Life with Laura9 months ago

    i can listen to you all day