HermitCraft 6: 178 | THE RIDE OF MY LIFE [FINALE]

The end of HermitCraft season 6 has come, after 580 something days of playtime iskall presents his finale, it includes him finally demising after over 7 days of alive playtime!
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  1. Marco Bott

    Marco Bott2 days ago

    17:28 this is why i click this vIdIO

  2. TXLoneStar

    TXLoneStar5 days ago

    We sooo needed facecam on this ride to be able to see your reaction to this ride.

  3. theAstarrr

    theAstarrr6 days ago

    18:52 Ride Start 22:04 Iskall Dies

  4. Wesley Saadeh

    Wesley Saadeh8 days ago

    Who else came back here in 2021 just to see this MASTERPIECE again

  5. KingCheese99

    KingCheese9914 days ago

    Starts: 19:22

  6. Creeper Jones651

    Creeper Jones65116 days ago

    I guess you could call that demise a one hit wonder. Badum-tss!

  7. GoodBoiDaYTer DaGamer

    GoodBoiDaYTer DaGamer18 days ago

    Death at about 2020-2-21 at 8:00 PM

  8. gd guy

    gd guy21 day ago

    Next time get out of the minecart!

  9. Serendipity

    Serendipity28 days ago

    17:28 this, this is gold

  10. Sushila Bhatia

    Sushila BhatiaMonth ago

    This is soo funny i watched it 20 times

  11. Boudhik Chawda

    Boudhik ChawdaMonth ago


  12. Boudhik Chawda

    Boudhik ChawdaMonth ago

    19:11 the best

  13. BeeTaster

    BeeTasterMonth ago

    Iskall85 to your demise... hit different

  14. Elodie Cummins

    Elodie CumminsMonth ago


  15. Labby Kat_101

    Labby Kat_101Month ago


  16. dark

    darkMonth ago

    ......... come in .. is someone there.......

  17. LengthyBread817

    LengthyBread817Month ago

    19:26 START OF THE END!

  18. LengthyBread817

    LengthyBread817Month ago


  19. jimmy Dobie

    jimmy DobieMonth ago

    The nebulous pajama intialy race because cord namely kill athwart a jittery rabbi. comfortable, blue-eyed columnist

  20. Random Glitch432

    Random Glitch432Month ago

    Lol iskall supporting grian abuse

  21. Titan Knight

    Titan KnightMonth ago

    Greatest hermitcraft episode ever.

  22. mattie fagutao

    mattie fagutaoMonth ago

    The nostolgia

  23. Tomi Ashaolu

    Tomi Ashaolu2 months ago

    21:13 I know that is gave everyone chills

  24. Scrible Spider

    Scrible Spider2 months ago

    Danganronpa executions in a nutshell:

  25. iron_spider

    iron_spider2 months ago


  26. Melanie Engl

    Melanie Engl2 months ago


  27. NutzLast

    NutzLast2 months ago

    Just finished binge watching Season 6 because there is a lack of season 7 episodes.....

  28. Blaise

    Blaise2 months ago

    Ariana ✨g r i a n d e✨

  29. Alexandra Turner

    Alexandra Turner2 months ago

    Enjoy the ride, Iskall85, to your demise MY NIGHTMARES HAVE BEEN FULFILLED BY GRIAN WITH A PINK APRON

  30. Diddley Dog

    Diddley Dog2 months ago

    i loved the music sinc it was realy great tension

  31. end row Gaming

    end row Gaming2 months ago

    This still stands up to 2021 I LOVE the ride to doom

  32. w01ffr34k

    w01ffr34k2 months ago

    Where did those 5 diamond blocks go in season 7?

  33. Brianiac Five

    Brianiac Five2 months ago

    nice series

  34. duskodair

    duskodair2 months ago

    18:10 for demise

  35. Tomy Niepo

    Tomy Niepo2 months ago

    Yah, i think pacific will be a lil’ more succesful than sahara xd

  36. Black Star

    Black Star3 months ago

    That was so good xd

  37. Andrew Schell

    Andrew Schell3 months ago

    He was hit in the hitman shop

  38. Pan Cho

    Pan Cho3 months ago


  39. PolarSlime7

    PolarSlime73 months ago

    The diamond pile is solid if you don’t include the hole in the middle!

  40. Das Kaleidoskop

    Das Kaleidoskop3 months ago

    Just rewatching this and it really is a big trip down the memory lane. U are still Omega!

  41. banana someone

    banana someone3 months ago

    17:25 The Demise, for those who came to rewatch it the epic coaster, even tho the season has long ended

  42. elsonovan

    elsonovan3 months ago

    the ride starts about 17:28

  43. Tsuneki Netsuki

    Tsuneki Netsuki3 months ago

    why is the comment section still active?

  44. demon gamer yeet

    demon gamer yeet3 months ago

    22:01 THE greatest laugh in history

  45. Funny

    Funny3 months ago

    too bad sahara boys split with grian branching out on his own with his succesful barge

  46. MonkeyBoy

    MonkeyBoy3 months ago

    Why is this comment section still active?

  47. NKC 004

    NKC 0043 months ago

    This is my first hermits episode ever and I am happy it is

  48. Aaron Loeffler

    Aaron Loeffler3 months ago

    22:10 on, his laughing is awesome to listen to😂

  49. Pranav Kulkarni

    Pranav Kulkarni3 months ago

    18:49 is the start of iskalls demise

  50. Feral Farmers

    Feral Farmers3 months ago

    Who's watching this after the turf war of season 7

  51. Cooking With A dummy

    Cooking With A dummy3 months ago

    Ride starts at 19:32

  52. NathanHDrocks

    NathanHDrocks3 months ago

    15:50 then they never did

  53. Dino Girl Vivi

    Dino Girl Vivi3 months ago

    Hi there I just wanted you to know that I love you so so much

  54. Marshell Doonan

    Marshell Doonan3 months ago

    And those diamonds were never seen again

  55. LUII

    LUII3 months ago


  56. ShadyWat TheBean

    ShadyWat TheBean3 months ago

    Brian: punches Iskall: breakdown


    KILLER PLAYZ3 months ago

    I am here after 10 months😂

  58. TheMagicalCat

    TheMagicalCat3 months ago


  59. Lunaero Gaming

    Lunaero Gaming3 months ago

    I wanna say, I miss sahara, and I hope the Pacific turns out nice, and I enjoy your demise!

  60. ExiIedArrow

    ExiIedArrow3 months ago


  61. KevinDaXenomorph Espinosa

    KevinDaXenomorph Espinosa3 months ago

    l say blow up the server next season when it ends

  62. Pockets

    Pockets3 months ago

    19:21 is the ride thank me later

  63. Conner James

    Conner James4 months ago

    Does anyone else agree Iskall's laugh is so wholesome? 🤣🤣🤣


    ASHH PLAYZ4 months ago

    Iskall then: working on sahara was really fun, but i want to mak something similar to sahara in season 7 but i dont know what it will be.. iskall now: P A C I F I C

  65. Missba Khatun

    Missba Khatun4 months ago


  66. LengthyBread817

    LengthyBread8174 months ago

    19:26 : beginning of the ride! LOVE IT

  67. jia liu

    jia liu4 months ago

    Thank me later 19:13

  68. Universal Sky

    Universal Sky4 months ago

    7:28 tho...

  69. The Kingsman

    The Kingsman4 months ago

    That’s not on, dude.

  70. Thompson Films studios TM

    Thompson Films studios TM4 months ago

    it reminds me so much of a dark ride at disney

  71. EchoWolf

    EchoWolf4 months ago

    I guess this is in my recommended today

  72. Norman Reich

    Norman Reich4 months ago

    Pacific is Sahara 2.0 but I want to know where the diamonds went

  73. Edie Bott

    Edie Bott4 months ago

    17:28 ~ The start of his demise ride

  74. LukeTTC

    LukeTTC4 months ago

    17:38 is when it was iskalls ride starting point

  75. Toby The Tortoise

    Toby The Tortoise4 months ago

    This always makes me laugh so much

  76. Anon Ymous

    Anon Ymous4 months ago

    22:05 I. Love. Iskalls. Laugh.

  77. Kristen Dickerson

    Kristen Dickerson4 months ago

    I have watched the office around 50 times

  78. XavierCat9000

    XavierCat90004 months ago

    21:11 :D

  79. Dark Prince

    Dark Prince4 months ago

    I forgot how hilarious that was lol XD

  80. Hi Girl

    Hi Girl4 months ago


  81. Ender Dragon

    Ender Dragon4 months ago

    I've been here since the start

  82. Frozensnakes20

    Frozensnakes204 months ago


  83. Frozensnakes20

    Frozensnakes204 months ago


  84. Dodge Thompson

    Dodge Thompson4 months ago

    "9986000 minutes, we actually sat down and did the math"

  85. Unlucky Chalk

    Unlucky Chalk4 months ago

    So u like mycilyum before lol

  86. Moop Moop

    Moop Moop4 months ago

    9:25 thank me

  87. annoy ed

    annoy ed4 months ago

    Why didn't they group up for season 7?

  88. Ariana GRIANde

    Ariana GRIANde4 months ago

    As iskall said in one of his latest episode , they asked Grian if he wants to join Pacific™ but Grian said that he was busy with the barge and other stuff

  89. Egan

    Egan4 months ago

    *_13:40_* *_"Egehan was died because he laughed too much"_*

  90. GMRGaming

    GMRGaming4 months ago

    is this it...IS THIS IT!!

  91. arni d

    arni d4 months ago

    Iskall was slain by Grian using (His Hatred of Diorite and Grian Must be slain by Mumbo Jumbo using (His Hatred of Redstone 😂😂😂

  92. arni d

    arni d4 months ago


  93. Aneta

    Aneta4 months ago

    This aged well.

  94. Some TP

    Some TP4 months ago

    18:21 is when it starts

  95. Ariana GRIANde

    Ariana GRIANde4 months ago


  96. dcfbf 2

    dcfbf 24 months ago

    Hey at least that was enough to make a full diamond beacon

  97. Jaggi

    Jaggi4 months ago

    Iskall:*made 100 diamonds at the end of season 6* Grian season 7: *barge quest BIG success*

  98. Kurt Cyrus Abenir

    Kurt Cyrus Abenir4 months ago

    those soulless eyes have no pity -Technoblade -Probably Iskall

  99. Ken Gusi Harta Gunardi

    Ken Gusi Harta Gunardi4 months ago

    Diorite is da best

  100. Silicosis

    Silicosis4 months ago

    i think he would be able to do a hardcore series if he can survive 170 hours of that

  101. Jen - jen

    Jen - jen4 months ago

    I can't believe this was earlier this year. 2020 is so crazy I thought this was at least last year.

  102. MarkTheYoung

    MarkTheYoung5 months ago

    6...…it's always the six that seems to show up the most...

  103. mania of mania

    mania of mania5 months ago

    44:08 iskall was not the imposter

  104. Gaming Cafe

    Gaming Cafe3 months ago

    Wait wht i thought i turned of confirm ejects