HermitCraft 7: 68 | PACIFIC IS OMEGA

HermitCraft 7: 68 | PACIFIC IS OMEGA iskall takes on the gigantic task of collecting up the materials needed for Pacific's Skyscraper. And what a skyscraper it becomes! He also wishes MumboJumbo a HAPPY BIRTHDAY... with a present
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864

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  1. S4lt Wind

    S4lt WindDay ago

    Etho smells like beef and will fart 🌈

  2. KJAllen08

    KJAllen082 days ago

    You could of used the monstrosity and instead of using saplings you could of used warped fungus to get the warped stem

  3. Gabriella Hunsberger

    Gabriella Hunsberger9 days ago

    iskall be using big words

  4. vexanu

    vexanu13 days ago


  5. hedgehog3180

    hedgehog318015 days ago

    I love it, it looks like a cool modern skyscraper.


    GHOST RIDER17 days ago


  7. Sweetcorm

    Sweetcorm29 days ago

    Did anyone notice the final scene?

  8. Aldo Hilpert

    Aldo HilpertMonth ago

    iskall do more timelapses

  9. TM

    TMMonth ago

    Iskall: "cyan terracotta is *GREYT!*

  10. Chara Violet

    Chara VioletMonth ago

    They're called warped stems because they're the _stems_ from the mushroom-trees in the _warped_ forest

  11. Crakpot 03

    Crakpot 03Month ago

    Come on Iskal your not an idiot

  12. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  13. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  14. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  15. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  16. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  17. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  18. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  19. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  20. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  21. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  22. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  23. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  24. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  25. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  26. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  27. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  28. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  29. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  30. Aditya Kothuri

    Aditya KothuriMonth ago


  31. MaKenzie Brooks-Winkler

    MaKenzie Brooks-WinklerMonth ago

    Siegfried and Roy

  32. Nyan Chicken

    Nyan ChickenMonth ago

    Make advertising

  33. robdylan4

    robdylan42 months ago

    looks like a cactus

  34. Jochem Schenk

    Jochem Schenk2 months ago

    pacific bissuness in the front, big party in the back xD (13:30)

  35. Ecuaador

    Ecuaador2 months ago

    If anyone built this in a survival world can you send me it (not to copy but i want to change the pallete and stuff and experiment) TY if anyone sees this

  36. Job Visser

    Job Visser2 months ago

    at 0:38 the build looks like Rugby Goals :)

  37. Qukage

    Qukage2 months ago

    it's quite omega (building of pacific) but probably u will not notice this comment

  38. Kiblord

    Kiblord2 months ago

    I will

  39. CringeThing

    CringeThing2 months ago

    Blue cactus

  40. Mythical Mortis

    Mythical Mortis2 months ago

    Cyan terracotta is colorblind

  41. Mythical Mortis

    Mythical Mortis2 months ago

    Whoever made cyan terracotta is colorblind

  42. Ultraw Gaming

    Ultraw Gaming2 months ago

    did I- did I need to pi- to pick- ... wow that's a cool building

  43. Tornadey Two

    Tornadey Two2 months ago

    The Pacific Skyscraper looks like those square magnets connected together.

  44. Caleb Lewis

    Caleb Lewis2 months ago


  45. Tony Mioni

    Tony Mioni2 months ago

    Very tentacle like. Beautiful

  46. Random human On the internet

    Random human On the internet2 months ago


  47. Toxic Gamer

    Toxic Gamer2 months ago

    Whait you shoud get a tecture back that makes bost look like flotys

  48. Seth Delda

    Seth Delda2 months ago

    As builders ourselves we all know that that is still just the skeleton of the build......so lets not jump into conclusion's just yet.....they can always add more thing to make it interesting 🙂 I'm not gonna lie tho 🤥 it totally looks good

  49. Kiblord

    Kiblord2 months ago

    Can’t tell if u mean it I don’t think it’s very good

  50. Mad Insomniac

    Mad Insomniac2 months ago

    Jag måste medge pacific byggnaden är helt omega

  51. SinderRednis

    SinderRednis2 months ago

    looks great! please keep office! maybe scar can build a cove around it! !

  52. The Geat King

    The Geat King2 months ago

    I still think it should be called oasis

  53. Sam Schellhase

    Sam Schellhase2 months ago

    you could have left all sides blank and say it was a 4-way Grian build

  54. Clover Arcondas

    Clover Arcondas2 months ago

    I think mumbo's industrial district is winning; already has a concrete blaster iskall should be using

  55. Lewis Moger

    Lewis Moger2 months ago

    Yeah but the idiot isnt doing much

  56. Benz Sug

    Benz Sug2 months ago

    Who will win The Barge The Pacific Or Project Aqua Thunder time will tell. Leave a comment bellow who will win.

  57. Pinky The Cat

    Pinky The Cat2 months ago

    7:50 iskall you forgot to mention “one-brain celled” redstone genius and an idiot

  58. Niku Reaper K-9

    Niku Reaper K-92 months ago

    I feel like it’s a bit too blue but it’s cool

  59. Maria Carpenter

    Maria Carpenter2 months ago


  60. 100% Pure skill

    100% Pure skill2 months ago

    Iskall: Me and mumbo aren't really builders Me: The what am I, Proceeds to look at villager house base

  61. Jack Caswell

    Jack Caswell2 months ago

    Me:What do you guys do Mumbo: Redstone Grian: Building Iskall: ...HALLO!!!

  62. Luke Fann

    Luke Fann2 months ago

    Why is terracotta never the colour you want it to be?

  63. Alius

    Alius2 months ago

    Iskall: *casually types a 1/2 symbol and doesn't say anything about it* Me: *remembers i have IQ of 12*

  64. أسرار احمد العامرية

    أسرار احمد العامرية2 months ago

    wifi is bad so i cant injoi

  65. Caden

    Caden2 months ago

    Iskall has turned into grian “Who needs the back”

  66. Matthew _S

    Matthew _S2 months ago

    I like how yall have this big, beautiful skyscraper and then this cute little rubber duck meeting room. :) also happy birthday to Mumbo Jumbo

  67. Z n' Z Gaming

    Z n' Z Gaming3 months ago

    Omg one of my friend's Birthday is December 1st! She and mumbo share a Birthday!!! (She was born on the same day he was only 11 years late) 🤣

  68. Terry riddington

    Terry riddington3 months ago

    Sure love pasific of doom

  69. Sushila Tripathi

    Sushila Tripathi3 months ago


  70. Sushila Tripathi

    Sushila Tripathi3 months ago


  71. Patrick Baxter

    Patrick Baxter3 months ago

    Slogan idea: “Need something specific? Go to pacific!“ made by @UCxYoohonDg61tujHenDhlew @UCxYoohonDg61tujHenDhlew

  72. Patrick Baxter

    Patrick Baxter3 months ago


  73. Duck Shorts

    Duck Shorts3 months ago

    Randall mandalli

  74. Captain Gabe

    Captain Gabe3 months ago

    "A redstone genius, and an idiot." But which is which?

  75. Natalie Shipley

    Natalie Shipley3 months ago

    hahaha i just realized me and mumbojumbo have the same birth day.

  76. Ferrán Calderon

    Ferrán Calderon3 months ago

    Iskall graba en refrigerador o porque está todo fresco mi pana

  77. Seb 713

    Seb 7133 months ago

    Iskall: Throws chains in lava _sad Grian montage_

  78. The Twin Bros

    The Twin Bros3 months ago

    That building triggers my trypophobia


    ZORAY ZAIR03 months ago

    Pacific: Party on the outside Etho: Party on the inside

  80. thomas

    thomas3 months ago

    usloft.info/will/pWbbvKTGsK6me9Q/video Mmmmm...

  81. wildcard228#Yt

    wildcard228#Yt3 months ago


  82. SaltyGlove

    SaltyGlove3 months ago

    They have made a pickle

  83. The banana Squad

    The banana Squad3 months ago

    Where did hermit challenges (YAY) go?

  84. boB

    boB3 months ago

    the building is mesmerizing

  85. Dominick Lewandowski

    Dominick Lewandowski3 months ago

    You never know what hes going to say, it's hilarious

  86. Chris Jensen

    Chris Jensen3 months ago

    This is insanely cool dude, your store is better than my entire base

  87. Grankfar

    Grankfar3 months ago

    That is looking OMEGA!

  88. Fishy Friend

    Fishy Friend3 months ago

    Looks great!

  89. AG.Mans

    AG.Mans3 months ago

    I hAve MATheD OuT tHE CORNErS!😃👍 (watch 9:13)

  90. Ameen M.

    Ameen M.3 months ago

    Jeeez, This building design is copied from Simcity Buildit

  91. julian

    julian3 months ago

    I feel an urge to play tic tac toe

  92. אליה כהן

    אליה כהן3 months ago

    What if the bigger windows are going to be the entrance to different levels of the building? I think it would look cool and it will be cool for a hermit just to fly into what level the building he wants to be in

  93. Psychologics

    Psychologics3 months ago

    Pacific building reminds of the start of Mumbos build off house from last season

  94. Psychologics

    Psychologics3 months ago

    The white concrete looked like massive *armbands

  95. Disney Addict

    Disney Addict3 months ago

    I don’t know who else has this but when I watch an iskall video I am saying omega and Hallo for a week

  96. A Human gaming

    A Human gaming3 months ago

    Looking really cool

  97. Rhys Eggleston

    Rhys Eggleston3 months ago

    It hurts ,e how he doesn’t use concrete powder

  98. Aero

    Aero3 months ago

    Iskall adding home signage to the Hyperlink for all jungle hermits!!!

  99. Muneeb Muhamed

    Muneeb Muhamed3 months ago


  100. Muneeb Muhamed

    Muneeb Muhamed3 months ago

    1:13 Not science. It's math. NUMBERS! 10:18 It like you mouth on the surprised face. It bigger hehe

  101. Micha Kolb

    Micha Kolb3 months ago

    The skyscraper needs a 1x1 piston door for the entrance

  102. Hello There

    Hello There3 months ago

    0:25 25 seconds into the intro with that glitch watch in times .25 speed It sounds and looks like he is breaking his neck and screaming in pain Sorry for the gruesome image have a nice day