HermitCraft 7: 69 | So... I MADE ART

HermitCraft 7: 69 | So... I MADE ART iskall shows mumbojumbo the pacific skyscraper for the first time ALL COMPLETED, and they both come up with a secret plan for how to make Pacific successful on the hermitcraft server
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  1. m49erf

    m49erf10 days ago


  2. Lyunala

    Lyunala11 days ago

    Sell different tropical fishhh

  3. SapmpaS

    SapmpaS16 days ago


  4. Cado Bannowsky

    Cado Bannowsky19 days ago

    So 19:17

  5. Ryen Sullivan

    Ryen Sullivan23 days ago

    You should put a minecraft chest in a boat and put the boat on a lead for shopping carts

  6. Epicastroman

    Epicastroman26 days ago


  7. Random-eggo

    Random-eggo27 days ago

    Ep. 69... nice.

  8. FuriousGray33

    FuriousGray3328 days ago

    Thanks for the measurement in inches

  9. You will never know

    You will never know28 days ago

    How do you orka bygga something that mega. Oh sorry meant OMEGA

  10. Icepez

    Icepez28 days ago

    69. Haha, n i c e.

  11. Cavemance lettuce

    Cavemance lettuce29 days ago


  12. Sweetcorm

    Sweetcorm29 days ago

    Sahara: SaAaAaAaAaAaaaAaaAnd Pacific: FiiiIiiIIIiiiIiIIIiiiIiishhhH

  13. Shayer S. Utsho

    Shayer S. UtshoMonth ago

    episode 69 . . . . . I'm just gonna leave that there

  14. Small Axolotl

    Small AxolotlMonth ago

    I know what else Rich people have, alot of money! XD

  15. Brent Terschegget

    Brent TerscheggetMonth ago


  16. Are you sure about that

    Are you sure about thatMonth ago

    A very nice episode

  17. William Bol

    William BolMonth ago


  18. Potter Head

    Potter HeadMonth ago


  19. gingysnap 615

    gingysnap 615Month ago

    ha NICE;-}

  20. Carter Gibson

    Carter GibsonMonth ago


  21. Walt Henard

    Walt HenardMonth ago


  22. Nikzen

    NikzenMonth ago

    It looks like a bank

  23. ItzZak178

    ItzZak178Month ago

    Episode: 69 Title: so I made art Me: *N O I C E*

  24. Elie Hasbani

    Elie HasbaniMonth ago

    ep69 n i c e

  25. NicholasGaming 47

    NicholasGaming 47Month ago

    N I c e

  26. idono dono

    idono donoMonth ago

    u are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only hallo hahahahahha

  27. Christian Canali Shimizu

    Christian Canali ShimizuMonth ago

    *N I C E*

  28. Harley pro Is boss

    Harley pro Is bossMonth ago


  29. Fealuinix

    FealuinixMonth ago

    I'm mesmerized by his shirt: "HALL...ALLO...HALL...ALLO..."

  30. MaKenzie Brooks-Winkler

    MaKenzie Brooks-WinklerMonth ago

    Betty White

  31. Techno Logic

    Techno LogicMonth ago

    You can tell how much Iskall cares about his community because he calls it "his merchandise" and not "his merch."

  32. Dog Flying a Kite

    Dog Flying a KiteMonth ago


  33. Asphöjden Karlstad

    Asphöjden KarlstadMonth ago

    20:10 you mean it's looking like a nightclub

  34. SPH 2910

    SPH 2910Month ago


  35. Lil reaper 5678

    Lil reaper 56782 months ago


  36. Stans

    Stans2 months ago

    N i C e

  37. RamsnE Floppyfisk

    RamsnE Floppyfisk2 months ago

    The palm trees look lika a sad jester`s face. 😂

  38. Matthew Saunders

    Matthew Saunders2 months ago


  39. VibsCraft

    VibsCraft2 months ago

    18:45 u making mrbeast logo??

  40. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross2 months ago

    69 nice

  41. gittyupalice96

    gittyupalice962 months ago

    I subscribed! Now as a subscriber I feel like there needs to be a 12 bamboo plushy brought into existence.

  42. Mr. Red branches

    Mr. Red branches2 months ago


  43. Adrian Bowman

    Adrian Bowman2 months ago

    the progression of his thrown becoming a floatie 😂 I couldn’t figure out what it was going to change too everytime something disappeared

  44. Bobgy

    Bobgy2 months ago


  45. O_L_I_P_O_P

    O_L_I_P_O_P2 months ago


  46. Rishi Nixon

    Rishi Nixon2 months ago

    20:45 I think the word you meant was 'integrate'

  47. رایان بهادری

    رایان بهادری2 months ago

    n i c e

  48. David Allen

    David Allen2 months ago

    Hands up all the people who are binge watching iskall’s videos and are devastated that the plushie isn’t available any more 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

  49. Evan Rodriguez

    Evan Rodriguez2 months ago

    iskall taught me something new today 30cm = 11.8 inches lol

  50. James McLernon

    James McLernon2 months ago


  51. LuNaR tHe hOomAn

    LuNaR tHe hOomAn2 months ago

    2:22 The sun : HI, BYE

  52. Praney

    Praney2 months ago


  53. Pro Panda Power

    Pro Panda Power2 months ago


  54. Mats De Brey

    Mats De Brey2 months ago


  55. Mythical Mortis

    Mythical Mortis2 months ago

    It looks like a blue cactus


    OSCAR ADSTAR2 months ago

    This is a funny episode

  57. Cheryl Parry

    Cheryl Parry2 months ago

    *cough* I have discovered......Polished....*cDIOougRITEh* goes well with the warped fungus blocks...in moderation...I am SO sorry!


    GATTHATPAT XB12 months ago

    Sell fish and xp make a furnace area and cook the cod making xp to repair tools and armor

  59. Scrappy

    Scrappy2 months ago

    Oh its part- Nice

  60. Theo Hart

    Theo Hart2 months ago

    You should sell dolphins

  61. WTZWBlaze

    WTZWBlaze2 months ago


  62. Cash Lanoue

    Cash Lanoue2 months ago

    Episode 69 nice

  63. Ross Dingwall

    Ross Dingwall2 months ago

    Anyone else notice that Mumbos elytra is going through his chest 😂🤣😂

  64. ツTobikat

    ツTobikat2 months ago

    This is the nicest Iskall video of the year

  65. javier aguilera

    javier aguilera2 months ago

    Funny episode.....and funny number :)

  66. SunnyLovesOrange

    SunnyLovesOrange2 months ago

    8:31 notice how Mumbo didn't put that in his video...

  67. Simon Smart

    Simon Smart2 months ago

    Bouncing iskallium staircase?

  68. Logan Kolbo

    Logan Kolbo2 months ago


  69. SnickerdoodleMcfox

    SnickerdoodleMcfox2 months ago

    mumbo now understands the struggles of a short person.

  70. Centeurion

    Centeurion2 months ago

    First a was watching EP 70 &then dis and a also so a dipper in pasific

  71. Daniel Lawrance

    Daniel Lawrance2 months ago


  72. EngineMusic

    EngineMusic2 months ago


  73. LR Tugaboybera YT

    LR Tugaboybera YT2 months ago

    nice one mate

  74. Vedant K

    Vedant K2 months ago

    Hermitcraft is how a capitalist anarchy would look like. Not that bad honestly

  75. Random guy

    Random guy2 months ago

    This is the nicest episode of the season 👌

  76. Nut Smasher69

    Nut Smasher692 months ago

    Nice 👌

  77. Daniel Home

    Daniel Home2 months ago


  78. Endcrafter 6

    Endcrafter 62 months ago

    Iskall talking about 30 cm and 11.8 inches and how the plushie is so big makes me really want to take this out of context (h e l p)

  79. Nathan Genesee

    Nathan Genesee2 months ago

    U need twisting vines and bubbling water columns up sides if the white foundation

  80. Jonas Bloch

    Jonas Bloch2 months ago

    its look like a blue cactus in a pot

  81. MrStewmcn

    MrStewmcn2 months ago

    bob ross would be very proud

  82. gamingforever

    gamingforever2 months ago


  83. gamingforever

    gamingforever2 months ago

    can we get this to 69 likes

  84. Renu Kumar

    Renu Kumar2 months ago

    Hey iskall your sword is named arry In indian language hindi it means axe

  85. Britishs :D

    Britishs :D2 months ago

    69 hehehe

  86. Jennifer Andersen

    Jennifer Andersen2 months ago

    You know...American kids (and some adults) struggle to say specific and not Pacific. All that practice is RUINED! lol ;)

  87. Yosiah Smith

    Yosiah Smith2 months ago

    The word you were looking for is *incorporates* _how mumbo will incorporate a pool into the building_ Edit: -boo-


    JAYWOLFO52 months ago

    I hate twitch

  89. Nicholas Sultana

    Nicholas Sultana2 months ago

    nice ;)

  90. Just A Regular Toaster

    Just A Regular Toaster2 months ago

    Hah, it looks like an ill cactus

  91. Daniel Kim

    Daniel Kim2 months ago


  92. Helena de Lobie

    Helena de Lobie2 months ago

    Rainbow glass for pacific

  93. Jermcrusher

    Jermcrusher2 months ago

    Grian better pick up his game

  94. Ethan Wright

    Ethan Wright2 months ago

    Why don't he do different coloured glass

  95. Thunder STEP105

    Thunder STEP1052 months ago


  96. Jax

    Jax2 months ago

    best episode. (i havent watched yet, just judging from the title)

  97. The Geat King

    The Geat King2 months ago

    I still think it should be called oasis

  98. Ron Gabriel

    Ron Gabriel2 months ago


  99. IKJacob 10

    IKJacob 102 months ago

    I am late but I still watched a very nice episode

  100. Kwispie Chickwen

    Kwispie Chickwen2 months ago

    Why'd not make a cave under the island and make the meeting room there?

  101. 라라이트

    라라이트2 months ago


  102. Just some guy

    Just some guy2 months ago

    Pretty *_nice_* video!